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Zero downtime migrations

Tools for Monitoring Your Heroku Application

October 23, 2015

Debugging a Memory Leak on Heroku

Micro-services Off the Starting Blocks? - Part III

October 9, 2015

Micro-services Off the Starting Blocks? - Part II

October 2, 2015

Micro-services Off the Starting Blocks? - Part I

September 25, 2015

The Theory of Constraints - Part III

Sept 11, 2015

The Theory of Constraints - Part II

August 28, 2015

The Theory of Constraints - Part I

August 21, 2015

Exploring Microservices on Heroku

Injecting a Git revision number into your application at deploy time

July 31, 2015

Using the Heroku API and Platform to Build a Poor Man's "Stack On/Off Switch" - Part 2

July 24, 2015

Using the Heroku API and Platform to Build a Poor Man's "Stack On/Off Switch" - Part 1

July 17, 2015

Handling App Instability with Circuit-breakers

July 10, 2015

Deploying to Heroku via GitHub Auto-Deployment

Simple deploys via the new Heroku Button

Fourchette: test your GitHub pull requests against a fork of your Heroku app

Build and Release Using the Heroku Platform API

Creating Apps via app.json and the Platform API

hk - a fast Heroku CLI client written in Go

heroku.vim - A Vim plugin for interacting with Heroku

What is a buildpack?

Early Access to New and Improved PHP Support on Heroku

Postgres Performance for Humans

What you should know about Heroku buildpack environment changes

Memory Inside Linux Containers

Distributing Reads to Followers with the Octopus gem

Deploying Rails Applications With The Puma Web Server

Building Heroku buildpack binaries with Docker

Heroku App Environment Now Available to the Full Build Process

Librato and Heroku, a Match Made of Win

Tuning Ruby 2.1 RAM Usage on Heroku

A new Heroku Dyno Size is now available: 'PX' with 8 cores and 6 GB RAM

Use pg:pull and pg:push to import/export Heroku Postgres databases

Use pg:push and pg:pull to copy to and from your Heroku Postgres database

Building a realtime chat app with Flask and Heroku

Stuck behind a firewall and can't access your Heroku Postgres DB? Try JackDB, a complete, web-based DB environment

Automate the build & deployment of your Rails application from GitHub to Heroku

Use this Rails template to generate a skeleton app ready for deployment to Heroku

Are you a Heroku user, or developer? The latter is more focused on extending the platform than building apps on it

Have a Python-related question about Heroku? Ask on the new Discourse-powered discussion board

Running the Dynamo web framework in Erland-based Elixir on Heroku

Efficiently serve static files in Django with DJ-Static

Using private GitHub repos for dependencies with NPM for Node.js on Heroku

The inside scoop on developing and maintaining the Node.js Heroku buildpack

Migrate config vars across pipelines with the heroku-config-pipeline plugin

Speed up Heroku deploys by caching Rails assets during compilation

heroku-bouncer-demo lets you get hands on with the Heroku API and OAuth service

Setting up continuous integration from Travis CI to Heroku

Establish a continuous delivery workflow on Heroku with pipelines

Automatically configure the RQ job queue for your Flask applications on Heroku

Use custom fonts within your Heroku app by adding them to the .fonts dir

Run .NET apps on Heroku

Running production apps on Heroku, an in-depth video checklist

Get early access to O'Reilly's Heroku book, written by Heroku employees

The new Heroku API enters public beta. Build your own deployment tooling and extend the platform to your use-case

Using service stubs to test multiple components in a service-oriented architecture

Run pgbouncer in your dynos to access a shared Postgres connection pool

A simple pattern for tracing requests across a service-oriented architecture, from @brandur

A Heroku API wrapper for Python

Deploying the Spree e-commerce platform to Heroku

Pull and push data to/from your Mongo add-on

Embed Nginx in your dynos for improved Rails app performance and request buffering

PostGIS v2.0 now supported on all production Heroku Postgres databases

How Heroku Runs Heroku: The inside scoop on logs as data and a source of operational visibility

Understanding request queueing

Warm a standby database with production query traffic with burninator

Stay up to date with platform changes from the @HerokuChangelog via email

Double the memory of your dynos with 2X dynos

Automatically run rake db:migrate when deploying your Rails apps to Heroku with this buildpack tweak from @johnbeynon

heroku-buildpack-testrunner: a simple unit testing framework for testing Heroku buildpacks

Generate and deploy a starter Django to Heroku with django-pal

Getting the most out of your worker dynos with Sidekiq and Redis

Instrumenting the Twelve Factor app talk from Waza. By @librato's CTO

Implement a Heroku OAuth client with the heroku-bouncer middleware

Automatically create Librato graphs from Heroku logs via the Papertrail add-on

Log unix system stats including memory use, swap use, and load average from every dyno with log-runtime-metrics

Log2viz: a real-time dashboard into your Heroku dynos' resource consumption and request error rates

Run a single command across multiple Heroku apps with this wilcard plugin from @tpope

Establish an interactive session to your Redis add-on from the CLI with the heroku-redis-cli plugin

Identify your Postgres db's slow queries, cache hit ratios, open transactions, locks and more with heroku-pg-extras

Automatically trace web requests from router to dyno with the http-request-id labs feature

Create command shortcuts with the heroku-alias CLI plugin

Sign up now for the Postgres Weekly. A free, once–weekly e-mail round-up of PostgreSQL news and articles.

Deploy to heroku from your Campfire chatroom with the hubot-heroku script

Think git is the only way to deploy to Heroku? Think again.

Logging in Python, the 12 Factor way

Building faceted search with Postgres

Video of Ruby creator Matz's talk at Waza about Ruby 2.0

Gain insight into your app's Unicorn queuing and backlog metrics with rack-queue-metrics

Clone an app on Heroku (including add-ons and config vars) with the heroku-fork CLI plugin

Postgres: The bits you haven't found (with dozens of example queries and dataclips)

Use Puma 2 with Rubinius 2 on Heroku Cedar for true multi-threading

Run a local process against remote resources on Heroku with the heroku-surrogate CLI plugin

Configuring a static asset pipeline with Django and Heroku

Noveku - a tool for managing multi-environment apps on Heroku

Getting more out of psql, the Postgres command line

Using Splunk with Heroku

Running Python apps on Heroku with uWSGI

Django memcache caching on Heroku with Johnny Cache

Run Wordpress with MySQL on Heroku

Create a markdown-driven static site on Heroku

Sharding your Heroku Postgres database

Easily transfer your config vars to and from your Heroku app

Heroku Weekly newsletter #2

Automate common Rails tasks when deploying to Heroku with paratrooper

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February 15, 2013

Specify static app settings, like ssh keys, in a Heroku dyno with runtime profile scripts

Tips for working with the psql Postgres command line

Chain multiple buildpacks together to create higher-order build functionality with multi-buildpack

Understanding Heroku dynos

Using the cloud-based IDE action.io with a Heroku Postgres database

Configuring Amazon Route 53 DNS for your Heroku app

Notes from Heroku user and employee @ryandotsmith for building and scaling on Heroku

Over 40 hours of Rails and Heroku class material available for free from @schneems

Quickly flip your Django app on Heroku into read-only mode with this tool

Deploy a Meteor Node.js app to Heroku in 5 minutes

50 high school students deploy to Heroku _from a Raspberry Pi_

Get the most out of your ElasticSearch add-on

Heroku Weekly newsletter #1 published

Cut Django request processing time by 75% with Django DB Pool

Run your own sandboxed Rubygems server on Heroku with this buildpack from @mitchellh

Using the JSON features of Postgres 9.2

An in-depth look at building SaaS Postgression on Heroku (updated link)

Easily import large data-sets into Hadoop from your app's log-stream. From Heroku add-on provider @TreasureData

A Heroku CLI plugin to quickly determine app health, from @neilmiddleton

Example app demonstrating the background worker pattern paired with JQuery-based status polling by @jonmountjoy

Deploy to Heroku after successful Travis CI builds using this gem by @ph1

Quickly provision free ephemeral Postgres test databases with Postgression

Classic post from @hashrocket on SQL (Postgres) Window functions

Use a Heroku buildpack to render GitHub flavored markdown with custom CSS

Handling Growth with Postgres: 5 Tips From Instagram

Waza. Heroku's developer conference.

Automatically generate REST APIs from iOS Core Data models

Learn Go. By example. With examples.

Configuring CloudFlare DNS for a Heroku App

November 9, 2012

Pretty visualization of your Postgres 9.2 database w/ Datascope

Lock-smith: A multi-datastore locking library.

Using `pg:transfer` to Migrate Postgres Databases

September 18, 2012

Building Dependency Binaries for Heroku Applications

July 10, 2012

The Twelve-Factor App. Required reading.

Deploying a Nesta CMS Blog with Pygments Syntax Highlighting to Heroku

February 22, 2012